Arda Turan: Turkish International Outshines Leo Messi in La Liga Bout Over Weekend

By Aydin Reyhan
Arda Turan
Photo courtesy of the official Facebook fan page of Arda Turan

Before anyone goes nuts, remember that Leo Messi just recovered from a long-term injury and only played in the second half of the game against Atletico Madrid. Therefore, the fact that he didn’t do much in the game except completely botch a header wide of the frame is more than acceptable.

The man that exchanged shirts with the famous Argentine is none other than the Turkish international captain and star midfielder, Arda Turan. He wears the No. 10 for Atletico, and he is truly the worthiest of players to do so. His skill, speed, strength, control, confidence and overall ability to control the pace of the game is beyond most players at the highest level.

Messi is easily considered the most talented player in the world as he has proven time and time again with his stats and individual trophies, but there comes a time when other players eventually have to step up and take the spotlight by storm.

After the game, Turan and Messi exchanged a few laughs and their official No. 10 match jerseys out of mutual respect. The fact that Turan was able to do that with such a living legend is simply admirable. The kid clearly learned a few of his moves from the Barca superstar and has been able to utilize them successfully. Basing his game on Messi and adding a few of his own moves are what makes Turan so good.

If he can continue to play this way at the club level, Turan will eventually make his dream move to the Premier League or even play for Barca or Real Madrid. The unfortunate matter for him is that his nation, Turkey, will never be able to go far unless they develop a plethora of talents near his level. There is no one anywhere near Turan’s level that has hailed from that nation. Therefore, his main successes will arrive for club, not country.

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