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Top 10 Midfielders Who Will Be at the 2014 World Cup

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Grading Midfielders Who Will Be at the 2014 World Cup

2014 World Cup
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With the 2014 World Cup right around the corner there is no doubting that the soccer world is shaking their boots with great anticipation; and for good reason. There is simply no better event in the sporting world than the World Cup as the best nations in the world compete to win the most important trophy in any sporting venue.

And after group stage matches such as Netherlands vs. Spain and Italy vs. England were set to be played, there is now no doubting that the best teams will be playing each other from the very start. This will surely only start off the tournament in a great fashion and will mean that some of the best players in the world will be suiting up and competing against one another.

In anticipation of this epic event and the great players who will be competing I have formed a ranking of the ten best midfielders who will be featured at the 2014 World Cup. Each of these midfielders is a sure bet to be on their respective nation's rosters, is one of the best players at their position both in club and international soccer and looks primed to be in great form once the games start in Brazil this June.

Certainly there will be some people who disagree with my assessments, and I encourage these people to leave a comment as to who they feel should or shouldn't be on the list. Any comment will begin an open ended conversation and only further anticipation of the 2014 World Cup.


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10. Oscar

2014 World Cup
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Despite being only 22-years-old, Chelsea and Brazil midfielder Oscar is a dynamic player who will have a huge impact at the 2014 World Cup. Known primarily for his work with the ball, Oscar has the ability to make runs by defenders, find teammates in space or shoot with the confidence to do each against any side. With the 2014 World Cup being played in Brazil there is no doubting Oscar will come out with great intensity and show the world what he can do.

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9. Luka Modric

2014 World Cup
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After a rough debut season with Real Madrid, Luka Modric has stepped his game up during the 2013-14 season and should be in top form heading into the 2014 World Cup. Modric is great with the ball at his feet as he has great quickness both with and without the ball, has great short and long passing ability and can also be dangerous with the ball at his feet from set pieces. Expect Modric to head into the 2014 World Cup as the center of a Croatia team that will look to turn heads.

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8. Bastian Schweinsteiger

2014 World Cup
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Bastian Schweinsteiger can line up in any four of the midfield positions for Bayern Munich and Germany and be extremely effective in each spot. The 29-year-old has a tremendous engine that translates into great defensive work, and he has a shot that can challenge keepers from any distance from both set pieces and open play.

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7. Arjen Robben

2014 World Cup
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Arjen Robben normally finds himself on the left side of the midfield for both Bayern Munich and Netherlands, and he has been a force for both. The 29-year-old has the mixture of dribbling ability, pace and sheer confidence to take on any defender in the world, and he has taken on great form since Pep Guardiola took over Bayern Munich last summer.

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6. Mesut Ozil

2014 World Cup
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Since moving to Arsenal over the summer, Mesut Ozil has shown just why so much praise has surrounded him for the last five years and lived up to the expectations. Ozil has been magnificent on the ball, moving efficiently and passing with precision that you can't find on FIFA 14. He has established himself as one of the top midfielders in the world. Expect him to continue a strong run of form heading into the 2014 World Cup and to do great with Germany while there.

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5. Yaya Toure

2014 World Cup
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Although Ivory Coast may not be a title contender at the 2014 World Cup, it is clear that they will have a dynamic player in Yaya Toure. The midfielder is a behemoth on the ball, controlling the back end for both Ivory Coast and Manchester City, and he will continue to do so this June. Expect Toure to shore up the back end for the Ivory Coast and also move the ball forward with power and efficiency.

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4. Xavi Hernandez

2014 World Cup
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With every passing year whispers come out that Xavi Hernandez will finally lose his ability, and every year critics are proven wrong. The 33-year-old continuously shows that his creative nature on the ball, sureness in possession and work rate will not die easily. It can be expected that Hernandez will dictate play for Spain at the 2014 World Cup.

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3. Andrea Pirlo

2014 World Cup
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He may be 35-years-old when the 2014 World Cup kicks off this June, but there are still few players that will boss the midfield quite like Andrea Pirlo. The Italian is not going to be the fastest player on the field at any time, but his ability to make incisive and accurate passes will ensure that forwards on Italy will have plenty of service. Additionally, Pirlo possesses one of the best right boots in the world for striking the ball, and he will have plenty of opportunities to score and assist on goals.

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2. Franck Ribery

2014 World Cup
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When Franck Ribery lines up on the left side of the midfield for France there is no doubting that the opposing team's fullback will be shaking in their boots. Ribery's mixture of pace, dribbling skill and trickery will make sure he is always a menace with the ball, and he will likely build upon the five goals scored in 2014 World Cup Qualifying this June.

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1. Andres Iniesta

2014 World Cup
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Andres Iniesta will once again suit up for Spain in the heart of the midfield at the 2014 World Cup, and he will once again be dominant in that position. While not the biggest player on the field, Iniesta is calm on the ball, passes with stunning efficiency and works extremely hard to win back possession when on defense. After winning the 2008 and 2012 UEFA Championship along with the 2010 World Cup, it is likely Iniesta will take home yet another winner's medal in 2014. He will once again be a dominant force in doing so.