Liverpool vs. Aston Villa: Luis Suarez Dive Highlights Entertaining Draw

By Aydin Reyhan
Luis Suarez Diving
Liverpool FC via Getty Images

Luis Suarez was once again the name that everyone was talking about after Liverpool‘s 2-2 draw at home against Aston Villa in the Premier League finale earlier today. He did not score, but he did do something that he has grown quite famous for in the past few months.

Aston Villa had built a 2-1 lead until Daniel Sturridge pegged one back right at the brink of halftime.

In the second-half, Suarez sprinted into the area to chase the through-ball sent in, and while he did get a touch on it, he fell to the ground after being barely grazed by keeper Brad Guzan. That’s right, folks; the Uruguayan international quite cheaply won a penalty kick which was hit home by Liverpool captain Steven Gerrard.

The score was 2-2 before the 55th minute and would end up staying that way for the remainder of the game. The score line was anything but boring, but the fact that it took a cheap penalty kick to salvage the draw is nothing short of a true shame. Suarez keeps on diving being fully aware that most referees will no longer fall for it. However, today’s ref gave Suarez a reason to keep on trying.

Anyway, after a slow start which forced them to allow two goals at home this season for the very first time, the lads had to bounce back and hit home a much-needed brace. If they had lost to Aston Villa at home even though they had a healthy Christian Benteke who did score the second goal, it would have been an utterly disappointing embarrassment.

Regardless, that did not happen so they should be somewhat happy with a single point. However, the team needs to give a stern talking to Suarez who has to stop this diving nonsense because it takes away from his brilliant game. He should truly be ashamed of himself. Little does he realize that not only does he embarrass himself but the team as well. If he respects this club at all, he will definitely learn to stop sooner rather than later.

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