Atletico Madrid Miss Chance to Move Up La Liga Table

By Jackee Arce
Denis Doyle/Getty Images

Atletico Madrid dominated Sevilla FC in the first half of today’s match, but Atletico let it go to waste after giving up the equalizing goal in the second half. Atletico had many missed opportunities, but both clubs played very physically. Many believe Real Madrid and FC Barcelona will forever be the kings of the La Liga table, but it won’t hold true for much longer if Atletico has anything to say about it.

In the last few years, Atletico has acquired players that have definitely made a difference to their squad. Atletico has rarely been a bottom table club, but these players have given them the extra pushed needed to become a challenge for the two top clubs. Barcelona has Leo Messi and Madrid has Cristiano Ronaldo, but Atletico has some great players of their own. Their club rivals may literally have best players in the world, but Atletico is still able to give them a run for their money.

Diego Costa joined the club back in 2010 and in the time he’s been with the team, he’s scored 35 goals. These are the goals that began making a difference for the club. Costa is a physical player; there is no doubting that. He’ll play rough and fake some dives, but what matters most is his ability to push the club forward.

Towards the end of today’s match against Sevilla, he got physical with a player and took a punch to the stomach. He fell to the ground to show the referee the hit, but it was overlooked. These theatrical moves are what make soccer a joke to some sports fans, but former professional soccer players admit it’s all a part of the game.

More recently, David Villa has joined the club and is making a difference of his own. Villa was a former Barcelona and Spanish National Team star, but after suffering a broken leg, he lost his edge for Barcelona. Villa has been with Atletico since last year and has already scored eight goals. During today’s match with Sevilla, he scored the only goal for Atletico. He continues to prove his value for the club.

Atletico is only one match behind Madrid and Barcelona. If they would’ve won tonight’s match against Sevilla, they would be at the top of the table above Barcelona and Madrid. Just because they couldn’t beat Sevilla today doesn’t mean they don’t deserve that spot. I think before people even realize it, Atletico will be at the top of the table, having Barcelona and Madrid questioning who the best club really is.

Atletico may not have the world’s best players, but their players can take on the others as equals.

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