Manchester United: Patrice Evra Must Up His Game Or Face Exit

By Stowe Gregory
Getty Images

Manchester United left back Patrice Evra needs to up his game, or face a dim future at the club.

It’s no secret that United have been looking for a left back to at least cover for Evra in recent seasons, but it is beginning to seem like the Frenchman’s future at the club is surely under threat — as his performance are way off the level of his past best.

Far too many times this season, United has seen Evra’s sloppiness cost them. Lack of concentration, to track a run has been the main issue. But on numerous occasions, such as Chelsea‘s second goal on Sunday, we have seen Evra get his positioning and ability to read the game defensively all wrong.

He is clearly still a decent defender, but for me these performances are simply not good enough for United. Going forward, he still offers something. But it is arguably at the average level of a European left back.

United manager David Moyes was reportedly looking for a left back in the summer, with the players Leighton Baines and Fabio Coentrao linked. However, he has since stated how important Evra’s impact in the dressing room is. Which is perhaps the saving grace for Evra right now; as his performances on the pitch are something to be improved considerably.

Within the last decade Evra has made that position one of United’s strongest threats going forward. It was impossible to exploit United at the back. Those days seem long gone right now, and Evra needs to work it out.

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