Sameul Eto'o Hat-Trick Performance Shows Manchester United Has Reached Rock Bottom

By Phil Naegely
David Moyes
Photo Courtesy of Everton Football Club official Facebook page

Chelsea and Manchester United faced off in the most anticipated match in EPL action this week. While Chelsea clearly dominated their opponents, United’s flaws and problems were clearly pointed out. Last year, the Red Devils won at Stafford Bridge, but this year, Chelsea fans cheered as their favorite team defeated one of their most hated rivals 3-1 behind Samuel Eto’o‘s hat-trick performance.

Eto’o is definitely not the best player, and many would even consider him a washed up player. However, on Sunday, the Chelsea striker tore through United’s weak defenses and shocked the world scoring three goals. Chelsea earns a big win and secures some cushion within the EPL standings. Additionally, it is the first time since 1954 that a Chelsea player scored a hat-trick against United.

On the other hand, United’s year gets even worse. Without Robin Van Persie and Wayne Rooney, David Moyes‘ squad showed that their 2013-14 is quickly turning into an expected nightmare every game they play. This is shocking to say, but it is time for Moyes to shake up the lineup and bring in new talent so they can possibly salvage their season.

While they are still clear from the relegation zone, if this poor play keeps up, their standings position could continue to fall. But they most likely will not be relegated due to worse EPL talent, but this year’s play has shown one thing. Instead of competing competitively for the EPL Title and Champions League matches, United is a mid-table team.

This is something United fans have not seen in a long time and it could be sticking around for a while if changes are not made at Old Trafford by Moyes and crew.

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