Samuel Eto'o Leads Chelsea Charge In Impressive Performance

By Aydin Reyhan
Samuel Eto
Getty Images

Whenever Chelsea and Manchester United come head-to-head in the Premier League, the outcome is almost always a good one. Well, today did not turn out to be any different.

The home side went three goals up and would have kept a clean sheet if it wasn’t for some weak defending on Javier Hernandez who slid home for United to finalize the 3-1 score line.

The real story is the fact that Samuel Eto’o scored his first ever Chelsea hat-trick, with his third and final goal arriving early in the second half. The goals were decent, but the fact that he was in the right place at the right time is what made it all truly impressive.

Now, the Blues sit in third with 49 points, just two behind Manchester City and two behind leaders Arsenal. If they keep up this run of form, they will sooner rather than later jump ahead of both teams, if one or both of them slip up before they do.

Jose Mourinho has finally instilled the swift counter-attack mentality, as well as ability into the players. When he did the same at Real Madrid, his team became the best counterattacking team in the entire world. At Chelsea, he may not be able to do that, but they will certainly be considered one of the very best in due time.

Eden Hazard, David Luiz, Oscar, Ramires, Gary Cahill, Eto’o and Willian are the most influential players in recent times for the club. If they can all keep playing at their best, the team will be difficult to defeat. Now, all they need to do is connect at an even smoother and swifter pace in order to score more goals which will enable them to prove their dominance over many others.

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