Xavi Hernandez Rumors Are Nothing Short of False

By Aydin Reyhan
Xavi Hernandez
Getty Images

The fact that this man’s name is even being mentioned within the same breath as the New York Red Bulls does not make much sense at all. Xavi Hernandez is a 33-year-old central midfielder who still has a good two years left in him to play at the highest level for Barcelona in La Liga.

Major League Soccer is growing more and more exciting by the year, but this man was born and bread a Barcelona player way back when since he was brought up by their academy and still captains them to this very day. He is simply too good a player for the reigning champions to let go. Therefore, these rumors need to be put to a halt.

However, just to entertain the idea of him actually arriving at Red Bull Arena shouldn’t harm anyone. If he were to join, he would line up right alongside Dax McCarty, who like enjoys the passing game and occasionally scoring a pretty goal or two. He would automatically be a starter and be a shoo-in to replace Thierry Henry as the team captain, due to his many years in top European soccer and his overall knowledge of the midfield game.

Hernandez is not known for his statistics when it comes to scoring goals and assisting teammates, but he is known for being the very best passer when it comes to accuracy. He does have the best vision of anyone on his team and he is also known for his unbelievable patience with the ball. He can get every single teammate involved in the perfect way, which is why the team wins as many games as they does.

Unfortunately for NY, they will not be signing Hernandez since he has once reiterated his desire to retire at his beloved Barcelona. If anyone deserves the honor of playing out his entire career there, it is him.

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