West Brom Loses Sponsor Due To Player's Racist Gesture

By Phil Naegely
Nicolas Anelka
Kirby Lee-USA Today Sports

A few weeks ago, West Brom player Nicolas Anelka and his celebration caused much controversy. While West Brom is defending Anelka’s actions were not anti-Semitic, the squad is set to lose their major sponsor.

Property website Zoopla, who is West Brom’s jersey sponsor, stated that they will end their sponsorship relationship at season’s end. According to theguardian.com, this decision comes after ”reviewing its position over the past few weeks in light of the actions of striker Nicolas Anelka.”

While Anelka and West Brom want to play innocent, maybe it’s time both swallow their pride and apologize. Nonetheless, this situation is causing a public relations disaster and now they will lose their major sponsor when the season concludes. It is also uncertain if they will be able to find another jersey sponsor. Most likely, some company will want the publicity, but at the same time, there’s very few that want to sponsor a club that defends an anti-Semitic gesture.

Overall, Anelka’s gesture has caused some damage to the club. Additionally, it looks like the action could cause even more negative press and consequences. As a result, West Brom and every player needs to make sure to never copy what Anelka did and be mindful of how their actions could come off.

In today’s society, people tend to overreact to certain hand movements, signs and other events, but that is not the case this time. Anelka offended many people with his quenelle gesture and he needs to apologize after causing his club to lose their shirt sponsor. All in all, this is a situation no club wants to be in, and a suspension for Anelka could be coming.

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