Manchester United Must Utilize Their Talent

By Aydin Reyhan
Manchester United
Getty Images

As if this team did not have enough problems already, they are way down the standings in the Premier League, out of the FA Cup, and now out of the Capitol One Cup as well.

Does this team even care anymore?

Playing in three competitions in addition to the Champions League with a new head coach after a long time is much harder than it seems, even if you are Manchester United. The team has certainly proven that point, as they have been slipping up a bit too much as of late. Now, we take a look at who is to blame.

David Moyes played in a similar 4-4-1-1 formation at Everton, but there his word meant everything, whereas here in Manchester, it does not mean as much even, though he was personally chosen by the great Sir Alex Ferguson. This means that all of the pressure was put on the Scotsman to succeed by picking up right where the former left off.

Well, nothing has gone his way when it truly counted in the end thus far.

The Champions League is a competition that they will perhaps make the quarterfinals in, but if they were to face the likes of PSG, Manchester City, Real Madrid or Barcelona, they will definitely be on the losing end over a two-legged tie. The team is talented, but the new coaching change is somehow disallowing them to play their very best soccer.

The pending arrival of Juan Mata should give them a much-needed boost in performance as he is a creative attacking-midfielder who will be bale to influence them to victory time and time again. Shinji Kagawa has not cut it thus far, so they need a proven Premier League member to come in and save the day – Mata could very well be that guy.

United is still a talented team, but they need to utilize that talent by orchestrating their soccer in a fluent manner once again. Once they do this, they will be right back to the top of their game.

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