Sandro Rosell Resigning as FC Barcelona President a Positive For Club

By eduardocardoza
Getty Images

Sandro Rosell will be stepping down as FC Barcelona President with two years left in his presidency. Joan Laporta (former FC Barcelona President) warned that Rosell may one day damage the club, and now it has come true. The “Neymar case” as it’s known in Spain is his latest controversial incident. Rosell has been accused of misleading the price of Neymar and even taking some cash under the table.

So what’s next? Josep Maria Bartomeu will take the reigns and finish out Rosell’s cycle that will end in June 2016. After that, elections will be held and a new President will be chosen.

As for the candidates, if I had to throw a name out there it would be Laporta, easily. If he were to want to run again –and he has never said he wouldn’t — he would win. The best Barça years were under Laporta.

You have to wonder if Rossell caused Pep Guardiola to leave. Is he the reason Victor Valdes is leaving? While the answers might be no, one thing is for sure; he has tarnished the Barça brand on and off the field.

It will be interesting to see how the new President does with the many questions that will come at the end of the season. Does Tata Martino stay? Who comes in to help the defense? Who replaces Valdes? Does Pedro leave? Does SergioKun” Aguero get signed? There are many questions, and as of today not many answers. A certain number of Catalans will be rejoicing today as Rosell is finally out, however, the reason for his departure will leave a mark on the club.

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