Los Angeles Galaxy Need New Talent To Rely On

By Aydin Reyhan
Los Angeles Galaxy
Getty Images

The Los Angeles Galaxy have been relying on Robbie Keane and Landon Donovan for way too long now. Both players are in their early 30s, which means that their time is slowly but surely approaching. Therefore, some younger kids or even veterans have to come in to add a bit more depth and earn a higher level of trust.

Players like Keane and Donovan will be able to provide for the next two seasons to full effect, but they still need some help. They lost David Beckham a couple of season ago and have been unable to find a clutch replacement. Of course, players like him do not grow on trees, but someone needs to be brought in to complete the trio of leadership.

Honestly, there is no one that comes to mind right away because they have not been looking at too many different players. Therefore, another option can be to speed up the developmental process of the players that they already have at hand. Donovan and Keane could easily step up as captains to help them learn a bit quicker and to utilize their knowledge on the field.

The one player who seems to have a bright future is none other than winger Gyasi Zardes. He came onto the L.A. scene last season and dazzled with his skills, speed and confidence. He is a homegrown player, which proves that the youth system that the Galaxy has actually works. This kid needs to be even better this season so that the team can mix youth with experience to make another MLS title run.

The Galaxy will be good, perhaps even better this season than last, but they all need to work harder as a team by supporting one another and listening to everything that Bruce Arena tells them. By doing so, they will be a huge success yet again.

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