Players Show Support for Radamel Falcao

By Jackee Arce
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Radamel Falcao was injured this past Wednesday during a French Cup match. He was playing for AS Monaco against Chasselay when Soner Ertek made a tackle in which he collided into Falcao’s leg. Ouch. The result was a torn ACL, which is terrible news for the striker; he hopes to play for Colombia’s National Team during the World Cup this summer. It is still not certain whether or not Falcao will be fit in time to play for Colombia this summer. Incidents like these are upsetting, but it’s great to see how the soccer community reaches out to hurt players.

Falcao’s former teammates at Atletico Madrid showed their support by taking its pre-match team photo in “Fuerza Tigre” shirts. Obviously, this took little effort on its part, but it’s a grand gesture to Falcao. His health no longer benefits Atletico in anyway, because he’s not out on loan, and none of its players are Colombian. This is just Atletico being decent human beings wishing a former teammate well. They all understand the disappointment he must be feeling as he may not play in the World Cup. I love when clubs branch out to show support in moments like these.

Thiago Silva, a Brazilian soccer player who plays for Paris Saint-Germain — a rival club to Monaco — also posted a photo of Falcao and voiced his support. Social media allows players to speak their minds without an intermediary. It can sometimes land players in trouble when they say too much, but in instances like these it’s really helpful. They’re able to show support in the smallest way to give those in need a moral boost, and it shows their fans where they stand. Rivalries can be pretty harsh at times and to see a player from the opposing club wishing him well is a positive message.

Among the others were, of course, Falcao’s own teammates, like Elderson Echiejile, who also took to social media to show support by tweeting “Wishing Falcao a quick recovery.” It’s quick and a simple statement, but it gets the job done. Sure, Falcao’s health is important to his own teammates, but if Echiejile never said anything at all it wouldn’t matter. He wants to show support just like Atletico and Silva.

Everyone is keeping Falcao in their hearts and minds; hopefully, he will be playing alongside his Colombian teammates in Brazil this summer.

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