Sporting Kansas City's Erik Palmer-Brown Is Not For Sale Yet

By Jackee Arce
Getty Images

Erik Palmer-Brown is currently the youngest player in the MLS, and Sporting Kansas City has no plans to change that. The 16 year old was signed last September under the homegrown rule. The homegrown rule was put in place to help clubs promote their youth talent to professional contracts, and when players as young him are promoted, it shows that the rule is making the game better. One of the best ways to keep the best talent in the USA is to offer them professional careers while they’re young.

According to SI, Sporting has already received an offer of $1 million for Palmer-Brown from the famous Italian club Juventus. Wow. He barely signed to a professional contract four months ago and he is already getting international offers for $1 million. If this is true — and I don’t see why it wouldn’t be — I’m even more impressed by what Palmer-Brown has accomplished for his young age. That’s an insane amount of money for such a young player, but he seems to have the talent to back it up. Apparently, Juventus saw Palmer-Brown at work while playing for the US National Team U-17. He’s been playing with the USMNT since he was 15, in the U-15 squad, and only gets better and better. Sporting will have a lot to show for with this player.

Palmer-Brown has been playing in the Sporting’s academy since 2009, when he was 13 years old. They’ve been in charge of his development for the last three years, and now they will be able to help him start his professional career. It is a dream come true for both the player and the club. Sporting is a big believer in investing in young talent, and they definitely knows what they’re doing.

I think Palmer-Brown will be one of the best men on the USMNT squad, and if we can keep him here, hopefully he’ll be on of the best players in the MLS.

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