Chelsea: Jose Mourinho Will Inevtiably Regret Selling Juan Mata To Manchester United

By Stowe Gregory
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Chelsea will inevitably regret selling Juan Mata to Manchester United, even if that doesn’t happen this season.

It may look like a wise decision from Jose Mourinho right now, but it may easily look foolish in the future. Mata’s £37 million move to Old Trafford helps Chelsea fund for acquisitions and with United seemingly out of the title race, it will have little effect on Chelsea’s Premier League position.

However, United are surely going to come back stronger in the coming seasons. Moyes is clearly looking to build his own team now with Mata coming in, and he has the desire to add more in the summer. I can’t see United not coming back stronger next year no matter who the manager is, and Mata will be with this team for years to come.

This is one of the best attacking midfielders in the world, and United now have him. It seems that people think it is wise of Chelsea to sell him, and there may be a good case when looking purely at this season. But as history has shown, selling your best players to Manchester United is always dangerous.

United now have a star man — a man to become an integral part of their strongest starting lineup. A move abroad would have made sense, but it doesn’t make much sense to give Mata to United. It’s arrogant, and they’ll regret it. If United hit good form again next season with Mata being a key part in that, then we’ll look at Mourinho’s decision to sell him to United with a big question mark.

United may have struggled to find someone else to fill that creative gap. Who else is really available in the world right now or is willing to leave their club for struggling United? Not many. It was an easy transfer getting Mata. It came with a big fee, but was fairly easy as little stood in the way.

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