Manchester United Shouldn’t Sell Javier Hernandez

David Richard – USA TODAY Sports

After Juan Mata completed his move to Manchester United from rivals Chelsea, the Red Devils arguably got stronger on their forward lines; however, it seems like they could face an exit even before the January transfer market closes at the end of the month.

According to the latest speculation, Mexican international Javier ‘Chicharito’ Hernandez feels unwanted at Old Trafford, and he’s eager to leave as he feels that the team keeps adding strikers and forwards and that he hasn’t had a chance to really showcase his skills as an everyday starter.

While that might be true to some extent – Chicharito has been mostly used as a super-sub since he arrived after the 2010 World Cup – Manchester United needs to fight at all costs to keep him on the team. They don’t have any other striker with his skill set, and poachers are a luxury in today’s soccer world since they can turn the game around with only one movement.

The 25-year-old has fallen behind in the pecking order this season, and it seems like David Moyes prefers Robin van Persie, Wayne Rooney and Danny Welbeck ahead of him. Squads like Valencia, Inter Milan and even West Ham United have already inquired about the striker, who is reportedly open for a move as long as he can play on a regular basis.

Manchester United should try to convince Hernandez to stay. The Red Devils aren’t in a position to lose any players during the January transfer window, and they will surely regret it if they decide to sell Chicharito.

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  • ziggy

    Hernandez should leave if he wants to get a spot in his National Team for the World Cup,staying at Old Trafford means more and more bench,especially now,when Rooney and Van Persie are ready to play again.

    With not anymore Cups to play,Moyes will use his top players to get further in Champions and try at least the 4th place in the league,that’s why Javier must try to leave now,otherwise,he will be history next summer.

    • JP

      Judging how teams like Mexico are managed – and with the knowledge that gives me being from Latin America – it’s VERY HARD to see a manager dropping a star player just because he doesn’t play enough. Even if he doesn’t play another minute for Manchester United, he will anchor Mexico’s attack at the World Cup.

  • Sirynx77

    This writer is a joke. So his suggestion is that Chicharito should just be the official team’s benchwarmer under this joke of a head coach named David “The Pathetic One” Moyes.

    It’s clear that he not wanted there, Chicharito is better off leaving this sinking ship.

    • JP

      Actually my idea is not about him warming up the bench. He should stay in the team because I feel he’s talented enough to make it and the one with the issue is Moyes that prefers Welbeck instead of Hernandez.