Manchester United: Wayne Rooney Doens't Deserve A New Pay Raise Contract

By Stowe Gregory
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Wayne Rooney doesn’t deserve to get a pay raise if Manchester United gives him a new contract after a period of wishing for an exit.

The club is reportedly in advanced talks with the England striker, with David Moyes seeing the 28 year old as a vital part of his plans. But Rooney’s recent years at the club don’t warrant a raise from £250,000 per week to the reported £300,000.

The pay raise we’re talking about is in the category of the likes of Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo. For many United fans, it’s a confusing area. Rooney has never hit the levels of commitment and talent of those two. Yes, he’s been more than a key point in their success over the last decade, but his abuse to his body in the past two years has been significantly evident.

Sir Alex Ferguson stated in the summer that Rooney had asked to leave the club after being left unhappy with his place on the bench in big games last season. Rooney’s physical fitness was a key part in those lack of selections and that has come down to two things, injury and his own health.

But you cannot ignore the huge factor that is his desire to depart from Old Trafford. This is a man who has, in the past five seasons, asked to leave the club twice — a club that is one of the biggest and most successful in the world; a club that has given him so much support, protection and development.

The first occasion gave both the fans and the club room for forgiveness, and Rooney’s lack of faith in the club then was forgotten. But it was reignited in the summer. How exactly does a player who behaves in such a way deserve not just a pay raise, but a mammoth one?

Rooney doesn’t need that much money. He also hasn’t performed to a level that justifies a reward of such magnitude. So, what is the reason for it? To keep him at the club. Because ultimately, he would like to move on. Well, if it’s just for money, then let him go. Many United fans have felt a parting of the ways has been required for sometime and only the struggles of this season are likely to distract from that.

In reality, Moyes is ignoring the old idea of a player never being bigger than the club. Rooney has continued to show desire to win with United despite wanting out, but it’s not enough for £300,000 a week, in my opinion.

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