Newcastle United Smart To Sell Yohan Cabaye To PSG

By Lucas Carreras
Newcastle smart to sell Yohan Cabaye
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It is being reported by several outlets that Premier League club Newcastle United have accepted a bid from Ligue 1 side Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) for talented French midfielder Yohan Cabaye. The reported fee for the the transfer is that in the area of 20 million euros and comes on the heels of Newcastle having rejected a bid from PSG for around 14 million euros.

Now many Newcastle fans will flashback and think to about three years ago when the club sold forward Andy Carroll to Liverpool for £35 million in the final hours of the winter transfer window. While it may not be a deal that the manager Alan Pardew or the fans want to see happen, the fact of the matter is that it would be smart on the part of Newcastle to sell Cabaye given all the circumstances at hand.

For starters, this was a transfer which was going to eventually happen as there had been a bid submitted by Arsenal for acquiring Cabaye back in the last summer transfer window that was rejected. Therefore, at most Cabaye only had one season left with the club. Second, to use a boxing metaphor, Newcastle are a team which is playing and operating in a weight class level several divisions below what PSG are at in 2014. To expect Newcastle to be able to hold off a bid from a uber-rich team who have very deep pockets and have Champions League futbol to offer a player of Cabaye’s caliber is ridiculous.

Throw in that Cabaye is French and it meant that is was only a matter of time before PSG or probably some other club were going to be able to acquire him from Newcastle. The team is going to finish mid-table in the league standings with or without Cabaye, and his value was not going to increase beyond the 20 million euros that is being reported as being the fee paid for him by PSG.

Newcastle United are now a club that must know how to buy and then how to sell when an asset like Cabaye is at its prime value. It is this type of business philosophy Newcastle must operate under in order to be able to compete to a certain level on the field of play while having a healthy balance sheet when it comes to costs. After all, selling a player for four times the amount in which you acquired him for back in 2011 is the prime example of buy low and sell high.

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