Life After FC Barcelona For Victor Valdes

By Jackee Arce
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Last May, FC Barcelona announced that their star goalkeeper, Victor Valdes, wouldn’t be renewing his contract with the club. His contract does not end until June 2014, which gave them a year to decide who they would get to replace Valdes. This is a troublesome task for Barcelona, because Valdes is part of the reason they are such a fantastic club. As the saying goes, a great defense is the best offense.

In the press conference, Valdes admitted that he owed Barcelona everything for making his career what it is. He has been with Barcelona consistently since 1995 at 13 years old; he was still a child when he began playing soccer for the team. Of course, he started off at their academy and slowly made his way up to his current position. He’s thankful for the opportunity, but feels that being a goalkeeper to such a valuable club is a big responsibility.

It’s easy to forget that even though it’s a dream come true to be a professional player for a soccer club, there’s a lot of pressure to be felt. I guess I can see where he is coming from. Valdes is definitely still at the top of his game; he’s still one of the top three goalkeepers for the Spanish National Team, and that says a lot, because Iker Casillas (Spain’s best goal) is probably the best goalkeeper in the world. I think wherever Valdes ends up, the club will be lucky to have such a great goalkeeper.

Valdes may be leaving one of the best clubs in the world, but he still has plenty of life left in his career. Clubs and ex-teammates are already starting to reach out; he has already been linked to AS Monaco FC and Manchester City. Current Monaco captain and former Barcelona player Eric Abidal personally reached out to Valdes, asking him to join Monaco. City is also appealing to Valdes, because many of his Spanish teammates are current City players.

These are Valdes current options, but who knows if he will go to either. There are still many months until June.

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