Oliver Kahn's Comments About Chelsea's Champions League Success in 2012 Make Sense

By Chaitanya Goparaju
Photo courtesy of Chelsea Football Club’s official Facebook account

Former German goalkeeper Oliver Kahn has taken the shine off Chelsea‘s Champions League crown by stating that the club “bought” the trophy with the help of billionaire Russian owner Roman Abramovich‘s wealth. Kahn has also made good argument that money is defining success on the football pitch in today’s world.

The former Bayern Munich player’s assessment is in line with how football clubs are starting to function these days. Teams like Manchester City and Chelsea have shot into prominence after being bought by the ultra-rich and then being heavily invested in, and this proves that there is a measure of truth in Kahn’s words.

While it is sad to see instant fame being sought and bought in football these days, it is also inevitable that other clubs would gradually follow suit as wealthy overseas investors continue to flock to Europe in search of a piece of this lucrative pie.

Chelsea’s UCL success in the midst of managerial turmoil in the 2011-12 season was certainly admirable but one begs to ask the question about the club’s fortunes today if there was no foreign intervention in its ownership. The rise of football super-powers in this manner is akin to a sports person taking steroids and gaining unfair advantage over opponents who have worked hard in the traditional manner but ultimately succumb without much of a chance.

While there can be nothing that stops some clubs from simply buying the best available talent on the market, it would indeed be a pretty difficult task to build dynasties with prolonged success in today’s era like Manchester United under Sir Alex Ferguson because of the number of super-powers that are rising every day in terms of squad strength from outrageous transfer sums.

It would be interesting to see how Chelsea fans react to Kahn’s criticism.

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