Bayern Munich Lead Does Not Make Bundesliga Boring

By Douglas Smith
Bayern Munich
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Bayern Munich beat Stuttgart today on a 93rd minute scissor kick goal by Thiago Alcantara to put them 13 points clear of their nearest rival in the Bundesliga, but it does not make the league boring.

German Football League CEO Christian Seifert shared the same sentiment earlier this week. If fans of the league and teams had a realistic view of the competition entering the 2013-14 year, this was to be expected. Bayern has more resources and is nicknamed FC Hollywood for a reason. Level-headed evaluation of the Bundesliga was needed before the season kicked off, and would let fans see the drama and intrigue in the other storylines that permeate German football.

Teams two through five are separated by just seven points just past the halfway point of the season. Seventh place Hertha Berlin trails VfL Wolfsburg by just two points with Mainz and Augsburg still having a shot at sixth place. Two other teams aside from Bayern will qualify for a Champions League spot with the fourth place team in a playoff. The fifth and sixth place teams will make the Europa League. CNBC reported that Champions League play can make up 10 to 15 percent of a club’s annual revenue coming from $1.2 billion that is set aside by FIFA.  The teams in the Europa League pull from a pot that is only one-fifth of the Champions, but it would still be a big boon for teams like Wolfsburg or Augsburg.

At the other end of the table, it looks like Eintracht Braunschweig looks to be on the way back to 2.Bundesliga, but there are eight other teams within sevens points of each other fighting relegation. Staying in the top tier means more money for various reasons, with the second tier earning only about 19 percent of the revenue of the Bundesliga.

The bigger implications show that there is much more to the Bundesliga than the lead Bayern Munich has amassed. Bayern are treble champions and they are buying the top quality. It is the reality of the league right now and was clear before matchday one this year. This understanding, combined with a more worldly view of the league, keeps the Bundesliga relavant.

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