Besiktas Snap Up Jermaine Jones For Remainder Of Season

By Aydin Reyhan
Jermaine Jones
Getty Images

Jermaine Jones is a United States international midfielder who acts like a general — he does all the dirty work to clean up, making things easier for his offensive teammates. This is needed by many teams around the world, so the fact that Turkish Super League side Besiktas signed him up for the remainder of this season is nothing short of a thumbs-up.

Jones adds a new type of fearless attitude as he will do everything he can to get the job done — including taking a yellow or even a red card to stop a dangerous attack from the opponents. He can be a bit reckless at times, but this makes him the brave player that he is. Bravery is exactly what is needed in this league to make things happen.

MLS was a rumored destination for Jones since he will be representing the United States during this upcoming summer’s World Cup down in Brazil. Almost any team could have used his services, but he wisely chose to stay in Europe where the competition is a bit more fierce and certainly means a bit more than it does at the moment in our nation.

Now Jones will look to gain an automatic starting spot for the Istanbul outfit. Since he played for Schalke 04 in Germany and was in favor for a long time, starting here should be no problem. If he does indeed play well for the Turks, he will perhaps be bought out from the German club to become a permanent member of the Black Eagles.

If Jones does play well for Besiktas he will be starting for the United States come this summer. He deserves a spot on both teams as he can truly be the difference.

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