San Jose Earthquakes' New Look is Better Than You Think

By Douglas Smith
San Jose Earthquakes
Ed Szczepanski – USA TODAY Sports

The San Jose Earthquakes revealed a new look last night as they honored their storied history dating back to 1974 with a re-branding. Pulling on their roots from the NASL days and taking into account their recent reputation, they put together a new logo along with new home and away kits.  The new look was quickly criticized on twitter by the late night soccer crowd simply based on aesthetics. However, the Quakes put time and thought into their new design, and their ode to history is worthy of respect.


Some other criticisms were the two distinct color schemes, the inclusion of the telstar ball and the odd, fading chevron pattern. Witnessing a kit launch via social media is starting to follow a trend. More than likely the majority will not like the look, but they may eventually come around. The voice of the team’s fans is not heard from unless you follow them specifically.

However, the Quakes went about this redesign the right way.  The red away jersey is an ode to the original NASL colors. The shield is said to show the team’s connection to the world game with the three sides representing the largest communities of the Bay Area. The chevron pattern is instead framed as an impact pattern representing the Earth’s moving plates and the energy and forward-thinking momentum around San Jose, on and off the pitch. The line is actually an axis meant to connect to the past and spin toward a “limitless future.” The rest of the logo construction includes the following taglines:

We are Devotion.

We are Heritage.

We are Unity.

They also use the hashtag #neversaydie on the neck tape to remind everyone of the Goonie mentally that the Earthquakes have adopted.  This is a thoughtful notion that can allow the team to think about today while still remembering the past. This type of design unifies the local community and creates great coverage. The change was worth it as now a new stadium takes top billing. Watch how many people come around this season.

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