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Top 5 Clubs With Most World Cup-Winning Players In History

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Top 5 Clubs With Most World Cup-Winning Players

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The real level of a club team cannot be measured in accordance to FIFA World Cup statistics. Of course, in order to do this, there are many other things to take into consideration such as the prestige, titles and performances in their respective tournaments.

However, it is always a pride for any team to be also recognized for its significance within the world's greatest tournament to ever exist, even if it is only played by national teams. About two years ago, ESPN published a ranking of clubs that is on their way back to relevance due to the upcoming World Cup in Brazil. This basically consisted of listing the teams that have provided the most World Cup-winning players in history. Of course, many of these teams geographically correspond to countries with multiple titles, such as Italy and Germany.

However, despite Brazil being the most successful nation in the competition's history, there are no clubs on this list from the country given that most of their winning players have been members of European teams at the time of their triumphs. The same deal goes for Argentina, who has two World Cup victories in 1978 and 1986.

The list also lacks teams from both England and Spain despite the fact that they might have the world's strongest leagues. Their absence from the rankings is precisely due to the fact that they have only one title each, in 1966 and 2010 respectively.

With Fiorentina in the sixth position, this top-five list proves once again why Italy is by far the world's most glorious soccer country when combining accomplishments from both the club and international level.

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5. AC Milan

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Besides being the club with most international titles in the world along with Boca Juniors, AC Milan is also fifth on this particular list, having provided a total of 10 players to World Cup winners.

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4. AS Roma

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For Roma, who barely has three Serie A championships and no important international victories, it is a great honor to be fourth in the rankings. 15 members of the Giallorossi have won the most desired trophy for a soccer player, including Daniele De Rossi, Simone Perrotta and Francesco Totti in 2006.

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3. Bayern Munich

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Being the only non-Italian team on this list, Bayern Munich has the merit of having provided a total of 16 players to a World Cup-winning nation. This is not really a surprise given that they are strongest team of a nation that has three stars on their jersey.

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2. Inter

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The presence of Inter on this list is almost a paradox considering that its international policy has significantly reduced the number of Italian players in its roster. However, the truth is that Inter is Italy's no. 2 in number of players provided to the national team with a total of 100.

Moreover, 20 have been the world champions provided by Inter to several nations.

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1. Juventus

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Recognized as the mother of every Nazionale that has won the World Cup, Juventus holds this record by having provided 24 World Cup winners. Out of these, only two have been for a nation other than Italy: Zinedine Zidane and Didier Deschamps for France in 1998.