Mexico Better Off Now That The Carlos Vela Soap Opera Has Come To An End

By Lucas Carreras
Carlos Vela, Mexico soap opera has an end
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One of the many soap operas Mexican futbol has seen play out has been that related to Carlos Vela and the saga of will he or wont he accept a call-up to the Mexican National Team. Whether it be Jose Manuel De La Torre, Luis Fernando Tena (for the 2012 Summer Olympics), Victor Manuel Vucetich or now Miguel Herrera, each coach has looked to bring the Real Sociedad forward back into the national team fold since he last played for México in 2011.

Early on Monday it was announced that Carlos Vela would not accept a call-up to the Mexican National Team, and with that it means he will not play for México at the 2014 World Cup. In addition, coach Miguel Herrera stated on the ESPN Deportes Radio show Raza Deportiva that he did not feel Vela exuded the commitment and attitude he wants to see from a national team player. As a result, Herrera will not select Vela at anytime during his tenure as the coach of ‘El Tri’ which one assumes will extend until the 2018 World Cup in Russia.

Some may ask as to why Vela has once again told another Mexican National Team coach that he does not wish to play for México. Once again, Carlos Vela stated that he was not 100 percent emotionally and mentally in the right frame of mind to play for México. While he has been consistent in stating this as being the reason for his refusal to play for the national team, the fact of the matter is that his reasons have now become and gotten to be old, tiring and on some levels just ridiculous to the point where this soap opera of a situation dragged on too long without an end in sight.

For Vela to continue to use the not 100 percent emotionally and mentally committed excuse shows a lack of character, because if this is what he is saying in order to avoid having to answer certain questions related to his character he is being gutless and a coward. While he might not like having his love for his country called out or questioned, the fact is saying he was not 100 percent emotionally and mentally there left him open to having his commitment called into question.

If the real reason he’s refusing call-ups to the national team is because he is taking a stance against federation president Justino Compean, Liga MX president Decio de Maria and the machine behind these two men then Vela needs to come out and flat out state this as the reason. Otherwise, he only has himself to blame for any negative press and discussion related to his refusal.

México would be a better team with having a Carlos Vela as part of the fold and playing in Brazil this summer for the simple fact that he is the best and most talented Mexican player at the moment. But with his latest refusal today and with coach Miguel Herrera also closing the door on any call-up of Vela during his tenure, he and the players he calls up can move on without the the ever-present distraction that was whether or not Carlos Vela should play for the national team.

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