5 Manchester City Storylines to Follow as Season’s End Nears

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Manchester City Stories to Follow

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Manchester City is a club that is truly flying high this season even though they recently lost 1-0 at home to title rival Chelsea. They are still level on points in second place while being ahead on goal differential.

City has a great defense, midfield and attacking force which is why they were the first club to hit 100 goals this season. Even though they were held scoreless against Chelsea on home soil, there is no reason for them to be let down as they did create a plethora of chances but were unfortunately able to put the ball into the back of the net.

Coach Manuel Pellegrini has been given the reigns of the club and has truly masterminded the Manchester City operation of domination. The team has alack of focus when it comes to defending, but the attack is absolutely magnificent. The issue with that is they tend to push up a bit too much and leave holes on the defensive end. Therefore, when teams such as Chelsea who are brilliant on the counter catch them several times, a goal is bound to be scored. Pellegrini needs to keep this in mind the next time there is a team practice. Defending and attacking are equally as important.

With that said, City is a team that can score against any opposition when the focus and dedication are both on the field. When they play with a high level of intent, they are virtually unstoppable.

Now, we take a look at five storylines of this prestigious club.

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5. Can Manuel Pellegrini Lead This Team to the Top?

Can Manuel Pellegrini Lead This Team to the Top?
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Coach Pellegrini almost led Malaga to the semifinals of the Champions League last season. There, he did not have a phenomenal group of players to choose from but he still made it happen. He needs to realize that he has one of the best squads in England, and if they listen to him they will be successful.

The team has to let go of losses here and there and realize that they can defeat anyone with a solid team effort on both ends of the ball.

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4. Can Joe Hart Stand His Ground?

Can Joe Hart Stand His Ground?
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Joe Hart is a keeper who can be the very best or even the very worst depending on his mood. In fact, he is well respected at the club which is why he is right back into the starting 11 after missing a few games due to poor performances.

If he plays well during the remainder of the season and helps his defense hold the fort, the team will allow a minimal amount of goals which will help to propel their offense. It all starts with him at the very back.

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3. Can the Defense Stop Making Costly Errors?

Can the Defense Stop Making Costly Errors?
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Goalkeeping errors are one thing, but when the defense messes up everything can go wrong in an instant. In fact, that is exactly what happened this past Monday against Chelsea in Man City's 1-0 home loss as the goal was scored from inside the danger area.

The team has four defenders, but during the attacks, the two wing-backs tend to push up a bit too much to assist the attack towards the final third. This leaves only two center-backs to try and halt a swift counter which is how the team faces its demise.

In order for this team to win trophies, the defense has to be nearly perfect so that the offensive scoring will be enough for the wins.

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2. Can the Midfield Stop Losing the Ball so Often?

Can the Midfield Stop Losing the Ball so Often?
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The midfield losing the ball and failing to construct decent attacks are the reasons why this team lost to Chelsea. They need to stop being so careless on the ball and realize that not all defenses are going to sit back and admire their style.

David Silva and Yaya Toure are the stalwarts of the City midfield. When they make mistakes, the rest are prone to do the same as they rely on them heavily. The rest of the midfield also tend to lose the ball more than they would like to which is why the defense and goalkeeper are left hoping and praying to keep the opponents away from goal.

If they can learn from their mistakes and play in a solid manner in the middle of the park, the team will be away from danger for most of the game. With the players they have at hand, doing this should be no issue.

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1. Can the Attack Keep on Scoring?

Can the Attack Keep on Scoring?
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This Manchester City attack has been one of the best in club history. Now that they failed to score against Chelsea, they cannot let that dampen their confidence in front of frame.

With the likes of Sergio Aguero, Jesus Navas, David Silva and Alvaro Negredo leading the front line, scoring should never be a problem at all. There will always be games where they fail to score, but after Monday's disappointment they now know that they will have to score against the big clubs to win the big trophies.

If the attack continues to hit its stride, trophies will be filing their cabinet at season's end.



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