5 Reasons Why Atletico Madrid Will Win 2014 UEFA Champions League

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UEFA Champions League: Atletico Madrid Will Win And Here Is Why

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UEFA Champions League is a chance for the best clubs in Europe to battle it out in hopes of be crowned the top club. It's a competition that soccer fans always look forward to because the best clubs from their favorite leagues will finally get to play clubs that are equal to them in skill and talent. It's hard to keep up with all the soccer leagues in Europe, but this tournament brings them all together to show who really is the best.

Atletico Madrid is definitely coming up to be one of top clubs. They're not as recognizable as FC Barcelona or Real Madrid, but they're getting there. They upped the ante in player quality and can no longer be taken for granted in league play and outside competitions. Atletico has only made it to the UEFA Champions League final once and lost, but that was decades ago and this is a new club -- a club that is ready to win.

This is the year Atletico can prove that they are worthy of being ranked amongst the top clubs in Europe. The season has been going well for them, and their players are ready to take on the competition. They have the proper chemistry and the experience of playing quality clubs in high-pressure matches. If clubs make the mistake of thinking Atletico isn't a challenge, then they'll be in for a shocking surprise.

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5. Other Clubs' Poor Performances

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This season is a terrible one for many clubs. Manchester United is usually fighting for first place in the EPL, but they aren't even in the top-five this year. They do not stand alone in having bad luck, and this helps Atletico Madrid a lot. Obviously, the current standings of clubs do not directly matter to the Champions League, but it does give a picture of how the clubs are currently playing. The worse other clubs play, the better Atletico will feel about their chances.

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4. La Liga Standings

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League standings don't directly affect a club's ability in the Champions League, but it does gauge their potential. Atletico Madrid faces powerhouse clubs FC Barcelona and Real Madrid in club play, which gives them good practice. Also, when they beat those clubs and are first in the standings, it will mean even more. Not only can Atletico beat the tops clubs, but they are a top club. Other clubs should be wary of what they have in store.

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3. Diego Costa and David Villa Partnership

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Adding David Villa to the roster is possibly one of the best moves Atletico Madrid has made in a long time. He is a top-notch player that has scored 11 goals in his short time with the club. Not only is he great at making goals, but he's great at making partnerships. Between Diego Costa and himself, Atletico is an offensively strong club. The kind of club that will make coaches rethink their formations in hopes of making defenders play their hardest.

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2. Diego Ribas da Cunha

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Diego Ribas da Cunha is Atletico Madrid's newest signing, but he's not their newest player. Diego played for Atletico in the 2011-12 season on loan, and they were very impressed with him. He has now signed with the club and scored a goal during his debut match against Real Sociedad. He's just another great forward for Atletico to use in hopes of moving forward.

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1. Confidence

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The biggest reason why Atletico Madrid will win the UEFA Champions League this year is their confidence. Never have they been so ahead of the game and playing this well. They are beating top clubs and continuously watching their best players do amazing things. If other clubs don't fear them yet, they will soon. Confidence is a great asset to a club, and Atletico is full of it.

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