MLS Expansion: Miami Franchise Announcement Is Just The Start of Things to Come

By Phil Naegely
David Beckham
Getty Images

 MLS announced Wednesday that David Beckham activated his ownership option and will be bringing the league’s 22nd team to Miami. The former L.A. Galaxy striker has been keen about adding a team to Miami, and the announcement comes as expected. However, Beckham has a lot of work ahead of him.

For starters, the Miami franchise currently has no stadium deal. Secondly, Beckham needs to finalize his ownership group that could include high-profile celebrities like LeBron James. Once both are completed, MLS and the soon-to-be Miami franchise can figure out when the club will join the league. In 2015, Orlando City FC and NYCFC join MLS. Most likely, Miami won’t join until at least 2016.

Lastly, Beckham will need to decide on a team name, front office personnel and finally players, but the latter won’t happen until the other four decisions are decided.

Overall, Beckham as a MLS owner has been in the works since a discounted ownership fee was included in his last MLS contract. It will be a while until we know for sure whether a new Miami franchise will be a flop or a success. Beckham does have soccer knowledge and success as a player, so it will be interesting if he will be a successful owner. Michael Jordan‘s playing tenure has definitely been more successful than his ownership years, but it wouldn’t be fair to assume the same will happen for Beckham.

Beckham is respected in the soccer circles among players, and I’m curious if MLS owners will have the same level of respect. Another MLS team has been added to the southeast to end MLS’ absence in the region. Wednesday’s announcement is just the beginning of Beckham bringing a new MLS team to Miami and his hopes of building the soccer fan base there.

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