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5 Reasons Why David Beckham Could Be Greatest Owner in MLS

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David Beckham Could Be Greatest MLS Owner

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The news is finally official: David Beckham will be the owner of an MLS club. In the contract he signed in 2007 when he joined Los Angeles Galaxy, there was a clause allowing him to become an owner after retirement. He has elected to fulfill that clause, and he has chosen Miami to be the home of his new club. The press conference for the official announcement did not give many answers — not even a club name — but the club doesn't start until 2017. He has plenty of time.

He will not be the sole owner of the club. His current co-owners are his business partner Simon Fuller and wireless telecommunications tycoon Marcelo Claure. There may be more owners, but those details will be finalized over the next several months. He may not stand alone, but he definitely has the name. He is the one person people will link to the future Miami club, and he will probably be the one with the biggest say in how things go. He's going to do great with the club and Fuller and Claure will be there to back him up.

Many people have high hopes for what Beckham can do with the club, and he is on the same page as those fans. He said the following during the press conference on Wednesday (according to

“There's going to be a few bumps along the way, but we're going to make the team in Miami not just the best team in America, [but] we're going to take the team global.”

That's a pretty gutsy thing to say for a club that doesn't even have a name — or any players — yet. But I don't doubt he can accomplish this. He has a lot of experience and expertise under his belt and, well, he's David Beckham. I can't wait to see how it goes for Miami's new soccer club.

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5. He Knows Soccer

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David Beckham has been playing soccer since he was a child. He started playing for one of the greatest clubs in England, Manchester United, in 1991 at 16. He was scouted to play for its academy. He knows all about soccer and loves it. He's passionate about the beautiful game, and that's what is truly needed in a great owner.

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4. He Played Under Bruce Arena

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He played with the Los Angeles Galaxy for five years. Arena is arguably one of the best coaches and managers in American soccer ever. You can be sure David Beckham took a page from his book watching him coach and manage and will try to implement those things for being an owner. He is aware of what it takes to be great, and he will definitely go all in.

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3. He Chose Miami

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Miami is a prime location for a MLS club. It would be nice to get clubs in several different states, but this is really the best option. Miami already has great teams in the top three sports. One of which is the Marlins who rebranded from Florida Marlins to Miami Marlins. It's definitely a good sports town, and Beckham is aware of that.

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2. He Has Money

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It's not a secret that Beckham has a lot of money. From his soccer exploits to modeling to his under clothing line with H&M. In his official statement regarding the new club, he stated there will be no public funding. He and his representatives plan to build a stadium and club. Money is not the only thing needed to be a great owner, but it is important.

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1. He Changed the Game in the USA

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Soccer in the USA today would not be where is it without David Beckham; regardless of whether you love or hate him, you cannot deny this. He brought more love to soccer in the USA, and he'll bring more attention to soccer in Miami. He's going to be the one to beat, and he does not lack confidence one bit.