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5 Reasons Why Manchester United Will Win the 2014 UEFA Champions League

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5 Reasons Why Manchester United Will Win the 2014 UEFA Champions League

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It's that time of year that soccer fans love; it's time for the knockout stages of the UEFA Champions League. With this prestigious competition you're always guaranteed goals, excitement and a sporting path like no other. The teams from the English Premier League tend to be a considered a threat each and every year, and this season is certainly up there with the others. With Chelsea, Arsenal, Manchester City and Manchester United left, who will progress to the next round, and can they go all the way and win it?

Under Sir Alex Ferguson, Manchester United were considered a top favorite each and every season, however, this season people have written off their UEFA Champions League hopes. But with the same chance as the others, an easier path to get through and a wealth of experience, can they go all the way and win the trophy at the season's end?

With players like Wayne Rooney, Juan Mata and Robin Van Persie, of course it'd be foolish to write them off. But David Moyes has struggled in his first season in charge of the Red Devils, and that doesn't appear to be anywhere near changing -- not until next season at least it appears. It's easy to write this struggling side off, but remember they have quality throughout and any team has a chance of winning this prestigious competition.

With a home and away game against Olympiacos to come, it's easy to see why United are a clear favorite to progress. Although this is a fixture they can lose, it's one they shouldn't lose and would be embarrassing to the entire team. Expect them to win this and then they'd be in a quarterfinal matchup where they could win it all. Still not convinced? Here are 5 reasons why they will shock the soccer world and win the 2014 UEFA Champions League.

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5. Nobody Expects Them to Win, So There's Less Pressure

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When teams are written off they often prove the doubters wrong. Man United love to do this, and this will be no different. Expect the doubt to act as a motivator.

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4. They Have The Experience of Winning it Before

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Bayern Munich won it last season, so everybody thinks they will again this year. Several of the United players have won the Champion's League before, so expect them to use this experience to help them do it again.

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3. Robin Van Persie Has Just Returned from Injury

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Manchester United have missed Van Persie through injury for a large part of this season, but now he's back and scoring. Expect him and United to go far in the Champions League. With a great striker like him, why can't they go all the way?

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2. Wayne Rooney Can Make the Difference

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When you've got a player like Wayne Rooney you've always got a chance of winning trophies. Expect Wayne to fire them far and possibly far enough to win it all.

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1. They've Signed Juan Mata

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United have lacked a creative edge recently, but Juan Mata's signing suggests this will no longer be a problem. In his first two games he had two assists, all without being 100 percent match fit. A fully fit Mata can fire and assist them to winner's medals, right?