MLS: Jason Kreis Off To Good Start With NYCFC

By Jackee Arce
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One of the newest expansion clubs in MLS is New York City FC. The club will start playing in the league in 2015, just like Orlando City FC. NYCFC shares an owner with two legendary sports franchises, Manchester City FC and the New York Yankees. The team has a lot of support behind it, but the current face of the club is future coach Jason Kreis.

This past week, there was some real news around the club. Kreis is currently out in Manchester scoping out talent from City’s club because NYCFC will be allowed to loan four players from City. He did not make clear how this agreement came about, though this gives NYCFC a lot of opportunity and possibly an extra boost. I think he’ll have to negotiate with City to decide which players will help NYCFC more than City.

He says he’s focusing on the younger players — specifically the U-18s and U-21s. Obviously, he will not be going for the big names like Sergio Agüero, David Silva or Joe Hart. He wants young talent and believes there is a lot to chose from in City’s academy. MLS loves to focus on young player development, and Kreis is sticking to tradition.

Even though these are just loans, the team will have the ability to sign them as permanent players. Of course, NYCFC have to sort all that out with City, but I think it will be a little easier given their ownership arrangements.

Kreis also mentioned that NYCFC will be looking to fill all three of its designated player positions. The DP rule is one of the most helpful in MLS, and it allows clubs to take on players whose salaries do not count towards the salary cap. Although it makes the most sense to fill these spots, several clubs do not fill all three and some do not have even one DP.

For a new expansion club, filling the DPs may be an important task because getting experience players on the pitch will help. Kreis is off to a good start, and I look forward to seeing what else NYCFC will bring to the league.

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