15 Serie A Players Who Live Life On The Edge

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Top 15 Players Who Live On The Edge In Serie A

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Once upon a time, the Italian Serie A was the league of the good boys whose behaviors and attitudes were the highest representation of class and sense of professionalism. In a sense, the tournament's greatest stars were almost considered as authentic soldiers both on and off the field.

You only have to look back at players like Paolo Maldini, Gabriel Omar Batistuta, Alessandro Del Piero, Franco Baresi, Giuseppe Bergomi and Alessandro Costacurta to realize how great the level of dedication was in the country that dominated the world of soccer for so many years.

However, with the overall decline of the Italian soccer system in which the strong values of those times have been lost, most of today's stars tend to display a different image compared to the one of the old Serie A. Of course, this image is not always necessarily negative, given that not everyone can have the same character, and sometimes greatness can be reached by being different.

It is not a surprise that there have been players who have made soccer history, despite living on the edge. Among the biggest examples, fans might remember Lazio's great Giorgio Chinaglia, a rebel who even died in the United States as a fugitive from the Italian justice system.

On the other hand, for the fortune of the whole country, Italian soccer still has many professionals with magnificent values. Above all, there are Javier Zanetti, Gianluigi Buffon, Andrea Pirlo, Andrea Barzagli, Daniele Conti, Esteban Cambiasso and others.

On the other hand, here are the top 15 players who live their lives on the edge.

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15. Davide Moscardelli

Picture provided by Davide Moscardelli's official Twitter page

Not really a bad boy, Davide Moscardelli has gained more popularity on social networks than on the soccer pitch. He has taken advantage from his symbolic beard to portray a bad-boy image to the public, which has turn comical more than anything else.

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14. Philippe Mexes

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Despite the fashionable looks and hair cut, Philippe Mexès really represents a controversial figure on the field. Being a rough defender as he is, he constantly finds himself in repetitive fights with his opponents, that sometimes even end up in red cards. Contrary to great defenders of the past, being tough hasn't allowed the Frenchman to earn respect from the common opinion.

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13. Nigel de Jong

de Jong
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His sense of professionalism has never been in doubt. However, his toughness in the field has perhaps given him the wrong image. His savage play on Xabi Alonso in the 2010 World Cup final will never be forgotten by the fans and the media.

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12. Luis Muriel

Picture provided Luis Muriel's official Twitter page

Despite scoring many great goals, the Colombian forward has failed to find consistency due to his active night life. If he improved his attitude, he could become one of the world's best strikers.

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11. Fredy Guarin

Picture provided by Inter's official Facebook page

Fredy Guarin's situation might be very similar to the one of Muriel. Inter's midfielder has struggled to find the right consistency both on and off the field. For him, instead of being overweight, the problems have been about his relationship with both the fans and club.

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10. Francesco Totti

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Roma's captain belongs in the group of Italy's greatest soccer heroes of all time. However, it cannot be denied that he has suffered his share of consequences of bad behavior, contrary to many other legends of Italian soccer.

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9. Miralem Pjanic

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With Rudi Garcia, the 23-year-old seems to have finally reached his highest level. However, in the previous seasons, he suffered from many behavioral problems that led him to face several issues with his coaches, especially with Zdenek Zeman.

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8. Daniele De Rossi

De Rossi
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Just like Totti, Daniele De Rossi belongs to the great tradition of Italian soccer. He has the merit of always performing greatly in decisive moments. To a lower extent compared to his teammate, however, the 30-year-old has sometimes also been victim of his own negative reactions.

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7. Leonardo Bonucci

Picture provided by Leonardo Bonucci's official Twitter page

Bonucci's involvement in the match-fixing scandal and the way he handles specific situations might make him the most controversial figure in the famous Bianconero block of the national team.

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6. Alessandro Matri

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The Fiorentina striker's reputation with women gives him an image of someone who spends most of his free nights in bars rather than at home with family.

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5. Stefano Mauri

Picture provided by Stefano Mauri’s official Twitter page

For Lazio's captain, the situation is very similar to the one of Bonucci with the exception that he was actually sentenced instead of only being investigated. It's impossible not to add him to this list.

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4. Carlos Tevez

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

To the surprise of many, the Argentine has shown exemplar behavior ever since he signed with Juventus. However, it cannot be denied that he is still one of the most notorious bad boys of the soccer world.

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3. Antonio Cassano

Antonio Cassano Official Fan Page on Facebook

Perhaps known as one of the most wasted talents of Italy's history, Antonio Cassano will forever be remembered for his immense behavioral struggles that have led him to countless issues at any of the club that he has ever played for.

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2. Pablo Daniel Osvaldo

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Without a doubt, Juventus manager Antonio Conte will have a difficult job trying to find a way to keep Pablo Osvaldo on track given his consistent fights with both fans and teammates in previous clubs.

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1. Mario Balotelli

Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

There is no doubt that the 23-year-old represents the most controversial and influential figure in Serie A, regardless if it's positive or negative. The fact of always being in the news gives Balotelli the consistent feeling of living his life on the edge at any minute of the day. Why always him?