Manchester United Still Failing to Defend

Juan Mata

Getty Images

This Manchester United team has been nothing short of lackluster all season long. Whether it be creating chances and scoring, or forgetting or choosing not to defend near the end, this team has been caught sleeping all over the field as they are still adjusting to the recent coaching change from Sir Alex Ferguson to David Moyes.

This is a team that was known as one of the very best during the entirety of Ferguson’s reign at the club. He taught this team how to play smart soccer on both ends of the ball and to take the game seriously from minute one all the way to 90.

Well, Moyes is a good coach as he has proven so far over 10 years at Everton, but he went from a fifth or sixth placed side to the very best in the history of the Premier League. That might have been a bit of a jump too big.

Now, Moyes has a decent squad of players who are all willing to play but each player seems extremely confused when they are on the ball. In fact, no matter how many crosses or shots they send in, there is no true effort behind the curtain as the team is truly playing with a lot of fear.

So what needs to be done about this?

The players need to realize that the only difference between now and last season is that there is  a new coach — something they definitely know both in mind and heart. However, they are deciding to throw their usual game completely off which is making their opponents look magnificent.

Earlier today, they dominated Fulham in every aspect of the word, but made one of two mistakes on defense at the death and ended up sharing the spoils with a 2-2 score line. This is something they have to stop letting occur.

Now, United are nine points out of a Champions League spot and it does not seem like their opponents are going to slow down. Therefore, when they face off against them, they have to win whether it be at home or away.

In midweek, United travel to face second-placed Arsenal, who will look to bounce back from an embarrassing 5-1 defeat at Liverpool yesterday. If United grab a result here, confidence will be at a high and they can look to control the remainder of the league as they did in years past.

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