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5 Bold Predictions for the Los Angeles Galaxy’s 2014 MLS Season

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Predictions for Los Angeles Galaxy's 2014 Season

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Los Angeles Galaxy had a couple of great seasons in 2011 and 2012, but the 2013 season was not something it could brag about. It was a rough ride for fans and players alike, but at least the team made it into the playoffs, so it was not a complete loss. Well, the 2014 MLS season is fast approaching, and it's time for Galaxy to regain its title as champion. The great thing about soccer is that there is always another chance to prove how great a club really is.

The biggest change going into the new season is the roster. So many players have come and gone that it is as though the Galaxy is a brand new club. Hopefully, the team used its preseason wisely and spent time finding the chemistry needed to have a great new season. This is definitely what will give the club an extra push this season. It may not have pulled in any new DPs -- because all three of L.A.'s spots are full -- but there were big changes. It is not the same Galaxy that the other clubs are used to.

Soccer is anything but predictable, especially in MLS. Top clubs don't stay there for too long, and other clubs rarely go down without a fight. A club can win the Supporter's Shield and the conference championship, but bow out of the playoffs early on. It keeps fans on their toes. I have a few predictions for the Galaxy this season, and I have more than a gut feeling to back them up. The club is here to prove itself once again as the champion.

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5. Stefan Ishizaki Will Be a Better Fit Than Christian Wilhelmsson

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Christian Wilhelmsson may have been with the club when it won the MLS Cup, but that doesn't meant he helped win it. He just wasn't a good player for the Los Angeles Galaxy. Even though Stefan Ishizaki has yet to play, he already seems to fit the club better. Bruce Arena himself has said positive things about him, and Ishizaki's reputation from his past club precedes him. He is used to winning titles, and he will hopefully help the Galaxy win a few titles of its own.

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4. Los Angeles Galaxy II Will Be a Success

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The Los Angeles Galaxy was the first MLS club to create its own USL club in lieu of having a reserve club. This is only new for MLS, but not to soccer; many clubs have secondary clubs in lower leagues. This will be helpful for the development of the team's players, but also some players known to the first team are better equipped to play for the USL club. Not only will it be a success for the club as a whole, but I think that having the club in the USL will also be beneficial to the league.

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3. Robbie Rogers Will Prove Himself

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Robbie Rogers had his first season with the Los Angeles Galaxy last year, but it was not the greatest season. He had a late start and had to deal with injuries. I think this will be the season he makes his comeback in MLS, and maybe even receives a call-up for the U.S. Men's National Team -- though probably not in time for the World Cup.

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2. L.A. Will Be the Western Conference Champion

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The Los Angeles Galaxy has completely changed its lineup since last season. The team has brought in several new players and let go or loaned several players. It's a brand new club that is ready to face its opponents. If there is one thing Bruce Arena and the Galaxy know how to do, it is win. It may take it a little while to get the proper chemistry on the pitch, but I don't doubt the club will be victorious in the majority of its matches.

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1. Robbie Keane Will Win the MLS MVP Award

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Last year, Robbie Keane was a runner-up for the MLS MVP Award; he lost to former teammate Mike Magee, who rightly deserved it. This year will be a different story. The new lineup will better assist him during the match, and as captain of the club, he has some control in the setting of the pieces. He is definitely the player to watch out for.