FIGC Punishment To Fabrizio Miccoli Not Nearly Enough

By Riccardo Di Julio
Fabrizio Miccoli
Picture provided by Fabrizio Miccoli’s official Facebook page

No one in the entire country can believe it yet. The very offensive references of former Palermo captain Fabrizio Miccoli in the direction of the heroic prosecutor Giovanni Falcone certainly have a bigger relevance than just being “some words.” Without a doubt, it represents a huge insult not only to the memory of a national hero but also to the rest of the Italian population.

Especially for the one of Sicily, the region where the 34-year-old resided for six long years and even became a strong point of reference of its soccer. These “some words”  are just unforgivable. After all, Falcone himself was born in Palermo and spent his entire life in this city fighting, and beating, the mafia, until he was killed right outside of Sicily’s capital in 1992.

Yesterday, the punishment from the Italian Soccer Federation (FIGC) finally arrived. However, there is no doubt that, considering the gravity of the situation, such punishment is not even close to be appropriate. As a matter of fact, the player was simply charged, as well as the club itself, for “objective responsibility.”

It has no importance whatsoever that a few days later the scandal exploded the player showed up to the press with the intention of saving his image. With tears in his eyes, not only did he apologize to Falcone’s family and the public opinion as whole, but he also assured that he does not belong to mafia groups.

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