Jose Mourinho’s “Failure” Comments To Arsene Wenger Were Mind Games But Tasteless

Jose Mourinho and Arsene Wenger

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Jose Mourinho‘s comments about Arsene Wenger are nothing more than cheap mind games, as his Chelsea side fight with Arsenal in the Premier League title race.

Mourinho said on Friday that Wenger is a “specialist in failure” as he responded to the claims from Wenger that Chelsea are playing down their title chances because they “fear to fail.”

As usual, the response from Mourinho is an attack back that has no respect. But it is pure mind games. Mourinho simply wants to throw anything he can into the mix to distract his rivals from the title race. That’s how it’s always been, ever since he arrived in England. His comments to Wenger can’t be backed up and are completely out of line in terms of respect from one world class manager to another.

Wenger has led his Arsenal team to Champions League qualification every season since 1998 and brought a major change to not only the club but also English football. He’s spent a mere fraction of what Chelsea and certainly Mourinho have done in the past decade; whilst also sticking to values of promotion of youth and club stability. Any lack of success that Wenger has had can certainly not be called a failure.

Mourinho may not even be fully behind his comments himself. Just like his tactical management style of his own players, he is wise in his words towards other title rivals. He knows that just like Rafael Benitez gave Sir Alex Ferguson in 2009, an over sensitive reaction at a pivotal point in the EPL title race can result in implosion.

But in my view, Mourinho should watch what he says about one of the best coaches modern football has seen.

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