Jose Mourinho's Pathetic Comments Should Not Belittle Arsene Wenger's Achievements

By Chaitanya Goparaju
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Jose Mourinho‘s mindless comments mocking Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger‘s lack of success, in terms of silverware, for nine years show the Chelsea manager’s shallow nature in appreciating the achievements of one of the greatest managers in the history of the English Premier League. Wenger’s claims — that the Blues were the new favorites to win the title this season and it would be their trophy to lose — must have riled up the so called Special One’s potpourri of a brain so much that he has attempted to enter into another wily mind-game with the North London club manager.

While Mourinho’s comments would, no doubt, not go down well with the passionate fans of the Gunners, his assessment of Wenger as a “specialist of failure” is quite irrational and insane. Wenger has had a radical effect on the art of the management of a club in the League since his arrival, and he has paved a unique way of building a successful football club without the backing of billionaire owners and instant cash. Arsenal are the front-runners of the ideal way of creating a true football team and have the backing of many neutral fans who view the club’s philosophy as the right way to play the game.

Wenger’s love for developing and nurturing talented youngsters is well known, and it is under his tutelage that promising players like Thierry Henry and Cesc Fabregas blossomed into superstars.

Mourinho’s petty comments to belittle the “Professor” of the game are downright pathetic and perhaps show the insecure nature of the man attempting to win back the faith of a club he infamously left a few years back. He might possess a squad strong enough to defeat the mighty Manchester City twice, but he utterly lacked in the ability to find a way through a resolute West Ham United team that was fighting relegation.

Mourinho may think of himself as a successful manager, but in reality, his victories (except perhaps the one with Porto) would not have been possible if his clubs were not backed up by incredible financial might. Roman Abramovich‘s billions helped Chelsea and Mourinho buy two League crowns. Ironically, the Portuguese manager left the club after just three seasons. For all his tactical master-class he could not satisfactorily overcome Pep Guardiola‘s Barcelona even with a mighty Real Madrid team.

Wenger might not have won a title for a long time, but within the man forever burns the passion and love for a club he once led unbeaten throughout an entire season. His lengthy tenure at a single club in an era where teams change managers at an alarming rate is proof enough of his greatness. Mourinho’s scathing comments would never tarnish the Frenchman’s legacy in the sport.

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