Jose Mourinho Won't Trust Romelu Lukaku as Answer to Chelsea's Forward Problems

By Stowe Gregory
Romelu Lukaku and Jose Mourinho
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Manager Jose Mourinho won’t trust Romelu Lukaku as one of Chelsea‘s first team strikers next season.

Lukaku, at just 20, has stunned and impressed a large majority of Premier League followers, as his qualities and reliability have been superb for a man of such young age.

But signs suggest that Mourinho will almost certainly ignore Lukaku as the answer to Chelsea’s forward problems. Mourinho is correct when he says his side lack the final “click” — that click being a reliable, dangerous front man.

He is spot on, they do. Samuel Eto’o and Fernando Torres simply aren’t good enough anymore. They are still missing Didier Drogba — the man who is now a club legend was always going to be hard to replace.

But in Lukaku, they have the man to be that replacement. His style may be slightly less aggressive and not so diverse, but for a 20-year-old, his best years are all ahead of him and he’s already shining.

Mourinho doesn’t see like many other managers do, though. He knows Lukaku has huge potential. But for him, it’s not worth it. He’ll spend as he always has done on a more experienced forward. For Mourinho has no patience with young players. His side must be molded to his tactical expectations and he sees no reason to risk a younger man for someone who he feels is stronger minded.

Mourinho has never been a man who sticks about for long at a club. But obviously on this occasion with Chelsea, he claims he’ll attempt to be around for a longer period of time. That puts a question into the mix.

Will Lukaku at least remain a Chelsea player for the future, even if he isn’t the man Mourinho selects as a first team striker? The answer may in fact be no. Chelsea don’t have the same budget as they did 10 years ago. That combined with the new UEFA Financial Fair Play rules means that if Mourinho does wish to acquire a new striker of considerable quality, then the likes of Lukaku and young goalkeeper Thibaut Courtois would come in as more than useful if they could be cashed in to help fund transfers.

It won’t surprise me one bit if Mourinho simply ignores Lukaku as a Chelsea star next season. He’s rarely ever relied on youngsters in the past and in an area that is struggling, I can’t see him changing his ways soon.

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