Antonio Conte Didn't Need To Respond To Fabio Capello

By Riccardo Di Julio
Antonio Conte
Image Provided by Juventus’ Official Facebook Page

When he first arrived to Juventus, Antonio Conte had very clear intentions, both on and off the field. In fact, not only did he want to lead the Bianconeri back where they belonged in the Serie A standings after the dark years of the post-Calciopoli era, but he wanted to do so by bringing the good old unsympathetic character that they have always been recognized for.

After almost three years of work, it can be said that without a doubt, the 44 year old has been quite successful at achieving his objectives. Within the Italian boarder, his supremacy over other teams and coaches has just been simply absurd, with numbers that will unquestionably allow him to win his third consecutive Scudetto.

Today, even more, in occasion to his 100th coaching appearance in the league, he impressively achieved his 70th victory. As suggested by Gazzetta dello Sport, only the legendary coach Carlo Carcano of the 1930’s was able to do better in the same amount of games, with 72 wins. Not in vain, Carcano was the coach of the famous five-year golden run of that decade.

Unfortunately, however, nobody seemed to have really reminded Conte about his immense accomplishment of today, given that he used the press conference only to inexplicably attack the illustrious name of Fabio Capello, who, during the week, took the liberty to talk about the Old Lady and its premature elimination in Champions League.

In a nutshell, Conte accused Russia’s manager of not having the right to talk about Juventus because of his unmemorable experience at the club, which is “only remembered for the two revoked titles and a poor playing style.” A statement that could only have two explanations — either he didn’t  hear or read what Capello really said, or he has finally developed a pathetic attitude of acting as a victim at all times.

In reality, Capello’s words didn’t even need a response from Conte, given that they did not have the intention of minimizing the merits of his team, which has, without a doubt, overcome the ones of the 67 year old at the club. After all, the same Capello has even admitted it, multiple times. His recent words were only meant to highlight the poor the level of Serie A as a whole, where Juventus might be the only great exception.

In addition, the fact of not having had the best of his experiences with the Bianconeri doesn’t minimally harm Capello’s relevance in Italian soccer, thanks to his important titles and historic achievements in several clubs, both as a player and as a coach. Without a doubt, Conte really wasted a great chance to be quiet in regard of one of the most successful and experienced coaches in the world.

Chances are, Conte might end up being even more successful than Capello in the long run. Unfortunately for him, however, style is not always straightly correlated to being victorious. Of course, the Old Lady boss could have controlled himself better today, given that he even recognized that his club has actually 29 league titles and not 31.

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