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Manchester City managed to leave Jose Mourinho quiet when it comes to running his mouth about other coaches and teams that are title contenders along with his Chelsea. His side lost the game 2-0 against a City side that knew they wanted this win from the very beginning.

The passing, pressing, moving and teamwork are all the aspects the home side used to demonstrate their true ability as a whole when it comes to playing and eventually winning matches. When they lost 1-0 at home to Chelsea a couple of weeks back, they barely played with half of the dedication that they displayed earlier today.

This is an issue with big clubs such as City. Showing up to play whenever they feel like it will not allow them to win all four trophies that they are vying for. They need to learn how to play at the highest level on a consistent basis. The Premier League, Champions League, FA Cup and League Cup are not jokes of competitions. In fact, they are some of the most prestigious in the world and this is why they have to be perfect.

As for Chelsea, they did field a tough side but they were unable to manage the strength and speed of City who fed off their fans’ energy in addition to the idea of revenge on their minds. Mourinho loves the counter-attack system, but his side were hit with that today on the opening goal scored by Stefan Jovetic. The play was almost a mimic of goals scored in the past by Mourinho’s teams.

The defensive style of Chelsea may have to be switched as they have the talent to dominate teams on both ends of the ball if they shift their focus a bit more on the attacking front. They have Eden Hazard who is their most talented winger/attacking midfielder and he has a lot of help. Mourinho needs to let these guys play without fear.

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  • Martin

    Yes, I suppose that could be said of the fa cup match, but the league match at the beginning of the month is more a benchmark to where these teams are. In that match, Chelsea absolutely destroyed Man City in every aspect of the game. In this fa cup match, there was a noticeable drop in intensity and concentration levels of Chelsea. Remember, Chelsea played a tough midweek match against WBA,,,,and what appears to have gone unnoticed conveniently is the fact Man City had their midweek match called off, so a whole nice long week to recover compared to Chelsea’s 3 days.
    So try not to get carried away too much with a cup win….Chelsea beat City home and away for a nice cool 6 points. Come end of May, who knows how important those 6 points maybe….so hold off for until then