Chivas USA Wisely Considering Rebranding

By Jackee Arce
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There have been several reports that Chivas Guadalajara Licensing LLC have submitted two trademark applications for Los Angeles FC and Los Angeles SC. It may just be rumors as of now, but if it is applying for those trademarks one can only assume there may be a rebranding coming soon. Chivas may strive to be the soccer club of Los Angeles, but there will be at least one other club to have a problem with that.

Los Angeles Galaxy fans will be annoyed to no end. Galaxy was founded in 1996 as the club to represent Los Angeles fans; seven years later Chivas was bought into the league by “brother” club CD Guadalajara. To make matters worse, not only would Chivas be in Los Angeles, but it would also end up sharing The StubHub Center with the Galaxy. So of course a rivalry easily broke out between the clubs and their respective fans.

Now, Chivas is supposedly seeking a rebranding as Los Angeles FC or SC. This may be upsetting to Galaxy fans, but it’s truly a smart move by Chivas. It has been getting a lot of bad publicity lately. It hasn’t been playing its best and also dealt with some cases of discrimination against non-Latinos. It may now be heading in a new direction, and to rid itself of the past a rebranding may be the best idea.

Chivas was never its own club. It was always thought of as Guadalajara’s baby club. This may be a good step forward in separating itself and creating its own identity. It will still be owned by the same company but not be seen as a twin. I always thought it was a little silly for it to mirror its uniforms, but if it rebrands hopefully it will put an end to that too.

There has been no official word from Chivas or its parent club yet. I look forward to seeing what it says in regard to the matter.

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