Will Cristiano Ronaldo to Join Beckham's Miami Club?

By Jackee Arce
Getty Images

Earlier this month MLS announced that David Beckham would become a club owner in Miami. This had been speculated for some time, and there was no real news in the official announcement. Beckham and his partners have yet to announce a club name, an exact stadium location, or even players. The only thing revealed was that the club would start playing in 2016. This gives them two years to figure out the details.

Well, now a rumor has began that Beckham is hoping to have Cristiano Ronaldo join his Miami club. Ronaldo is arguably the best player in the world and to have that kind of talent in the MLS really helps the league.

Beckham knows Ronaldo from his days with Manchester United where he played alongside him. These are the kinds of things that will make Beckham a great MLS owner. He is well known by other players and managers and is able to have a impact. When Robbie Keane signed with Los Angeles Galaxy it was said that Beckham had a hand in convincing him. I don’t doubt that at all.

Could Beckham really convince Ronaldo to leave a powerhouse club like Real Madrid to join a not-yet-formed MLS club? I think he could. Money talks. Ronaldo would definitely be signed as a designated player (DP); Beckham and his partners have money to back this up. Also Ronaldo has been with Madrid since 2009, so it may be time for a change. Of course he would continue playing with Madrid until Miami begins playing in the league.

If Beckham makes this happen, Miami will already be a winning club without even playing a match.

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