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5 Bold Predictions for D.C. United’s 2014 MLS Season

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Predictions for D.C. United's Season

D.C. United
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D.C. United had the worse season last year. It was the overall last place club and was a full 10 points behind Chivas USA, which was in second-to-last place. It could just not get its game straight, even though the previous year it was in third place overall.

It could not fix itself before the playoffs missed having a run, but it wasn't a completely lost year. It was able to win the US Open Cup, which at least gave it a reason to celebrate. Still, it should have done much better in regular season play.

This new season gives it a lot of room for improvement. United had to let go some of its players for various reasons, but they also picked up some good players. As their Facebook banner reads "it's a new year!" Hopefully, United sees it as a clean slate and has a new-found confidence for the new year.

The team already has a few preseason matches under their belt, but it lost 2-0 to Chicago Fire most recently. This is not anything to worry about. The pre-season matches are played for this reason; clubs want to work out the kinks and chemistry of its new lineups and be ready for the 2014 season.

I have high hopes for United this season. These changes are for the better, and I hope they are able to become a winning club once again. There are no excuses this year. D.C United cannot go down like they did last year. They are a four-time MLS Cup victor. It's time to be a winner again. This is what I think will happen for United this year.

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5. No Longer be a Last Place Club

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Last year was a joke and DC United is ready to fix it this year. United has made a lot of important moves this offseason, and will be ready to impress on the pitch. I think they will no longer fall to the bottom of the table, and stay at the top to compete with the best clubs of the Eastern Conference.

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4. Will Make It to the Playoffs

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Beyond getting away from the bottom of the table, the team will stay at the top, once again regaining a spot in the playoffs. This is a brand new year for DC United, and that will not be taken for granted.

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3. Will Not Regret Acquiring Sean Franklin

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One of the biggest flaws from last year was a lack of defense; Sean Franklin is here to fix that. He was one of the best defenders for Los Angeles Galaxy. He is one of the best out there, and I'm still wondering why he has not been called up to the US National Team.

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2. Will Repeat as US Open Cup Winners

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Even though United had one of the worst seasons ever last year, the team was able to win the US Open Cup. I think that is even more reason for them to win it again this year. The club will be in better form, and it has new strong players. Get ready for some back-to-back champions.

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1. Eddie Johnson Will Bring United Confidence

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Eddie Johnson was one of the best signings during the offseason. He is fantastic player, and the kind of player D.C. United is in dire need of right now. I even think he'd make a fine captain, because he knows where the club should be heading. Fans may miss Dwayne De Rosario, but Johnson will help the club just as much, if not more.