Should Brazil be Landon Donovan's Last World Cup?

By Jackee Arce
Gary A. Vasquez – USA Today

During an interview with ESPN FCLandon Donovan said the 2014 World Cup in Brazil would probably be his last shot. Donovan may be a couple of years past the prime of his career, but he is far from being a burn out. He still holds the record as the U.S. Men’s National Team‘s (USMNT)  all-time goal scorer, and he holds the same record from the Los Angeles Galaxy. He is an incredible goal scorer.

Donovan has been playing with the USMNT since his youth years in 1998. Although he continues to be quite the impressive player, he doesn’t feel his spot is secured in the 2014 World Cup roster. I’m not sure why he’s lacking the confidence in his spot. When people think of the USMNT, they immediately think of Donovan. He is the player kids dream to be.

The Galaxy has a lot to be thankful for with Donovan. He leads the club in goals, but also was one of the best club captains. He did take a break from playing early last year, but he did his best to dive right in on his return. Maybe he thinks he lost his mojo along with him captaincy. It’s strange to see the lack of confidence in Donovan.

In the end, it is truly up to him. He said it’s hard for him to imagine “that [he]’ll be able to walk in four years, much less play soccer.” The statement makes me laugh. Sure, he has put many miles on his legs throughout the years, but I think walking at 36 is something he does not need to worry about. If Donovan thinks his body is ready to retire, then maybe he should.

Hopefully, the USMNT will make it far in the World Cup — at least past the scary Group of Death, and Donovan will be able to look back at his last World Cup with fond memories.

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