Serie A: Blaming Referees For Juventus' Supremacy Is Absurd

By Riccardo Di Julio
Photo Provided by Juventus’ official Facebook page

It’s amazing how the media and the common opinion as a whole is always able to change the real meaning of things. In today’s world, there is no doubt that any particular achievement can always be either minimized or maximized without major struggles, regardless of their real value.

In Italian Serie A, they have even become experts in this particular field. This happens because there is always an unfortunate tendency for the losing teams not to accept the superiority of the winning one in any occasion. For them, it is always easier to justify the lack of victories to their fans by simply blaming whoever might have ended up above them.

Of course, history has taught that Juventus is almost always the team that is under the spotlight for this matter. However, this only happens because it is the country’s most successful team and, consequently, consistently finds itself dominating the league. Nonetheless, during the four years that followed Calciopoli, there was a similar scenario for Inter which was, by far, the best team and of course became the Italy’s most contested side.

Essentially, questioning the strongest team is not specifically always related to the Old Lady. On the contrary, it is a pathetic habit that tends to always blame the winning team, no matter under what circumstances. After all, nobody really talked about the referees helping the club before the arrival of Antonio Conte when the team would arrive in the seventh position of the standings due to unsuccessful projects.

For the last three seasons, however, the pitch is perhaps giving us one of the strongest sides in Serie A history with incredible records and stats that have not even been talked about in Italy since the 1930s. For sure, attributing the Bianconeri’s supremacy in the league to only referees’ mistakes is almost an insult to the sport.

Without a doubt, Juventus is on the way to winning its 30th Scudetto thanks to clear superiority shown in the field in the last three years. If the club had won a title under the command of Luigi Del Neri or Ciro Ferrara then it would have been more acceptable to explode a scandal given that their respective rosters were not good enough to really win.

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