Time for Manchester United's David Moyes to Go

By Joel Musambi
Getty Images

Sometimes coaches simply need to experience failure in order to progress. It’s difficult to evaluate certain coaches’ worth during the first season because they are working in a totally different environment and the players they inherit are not theirs. Hiring new coaches has its inherent dangers as predicting future success is determined by a number of different aspects.

A handful of new appointees flourish right away. Jose Mourinho is an example as he has enjoyed triumphed wherever he has taken over. However, Mourinho is an anomaly and statistics prove that claim; especially with the high number of coaches who get fired after their first season. The coaches who stay on usually show a side of ingenious that entices owners to give them an extra opportunity. Although you would expect all first-year coaches at the biggest of clubs to share that knack for brilliance, some lose the confidence of fans as the seasons drags on and that’s where David Moyes currently stands.

Manchester United has not performed this badly for quite a long time. As an unabashedly crazed Manchester United fan, watching the club struggle on numerous occasions has been exhausting and my support for David Moyes has expired. The club has been outplayed by mediocre teams way too many times this season. Even during the past Mourinho-Chelsea era, where Chelsea looked unstoppable, I was still confident that United could beat anyone on a good day – even if the team didn’t challenge Chelsea for the Premier League title. Now I stand stricken with fear at the prospects of playing Manchester City at Old Trafford.

Never would I have ever predicted the great Manchester United would fall against a team from Greece in the Champions League. I was struck with sheer panic when Joel Campbell scored the second goal of the night to establish Olympiakos as favorites to progress into the next round. Even though United won the possession battle, conjuring concrete scoring opportunities was a struggle all night. With the club regressing week by week questions surrounding David Moyes’ future are plausible at the moment.

Although players have the biggest impact on matches, they also play the way coaches want them to. No matter which team Pep Guardiola will coach, those players will exhibit the tiki-taka style that he has revolutionized during his time with Barcelona. David Moyes has been getting out-coached in most matches this season. That abominable performance against Olympiakos leads me to wonder whether he is in way over his head. Maybe the Old Trafford stage is too big for Moyes.

At a massive club like United, every single decision is dissected and scrutinized, therefore the pressure faced by coaches is immense and few coaches can withstand it. On the touchline he is an enigma because his concerning looks leave viewers surmising that he is out of ideas or speculating about his future. All managers have failed at some point, but like I wrote earlier, the coaches who have gained the support of the public show at least a little brilliance to back the notion they simply need a bit more time.

The performance against Olympiakos was extremely demoralizing, therefore my depiction of David Moyes might be unfair, but I don’t think my stance will drastically change when I have time to wind down. Manchester United will never fall from grace, but they could also fail to compete with the likes of Chelsea and Manchester City in the future. Some people are thought to have the personality and skill to perform in a certain occupation and then it doesn’t quite pan out. Manchester United is purely too big of a club for David Moyes.

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