Top 5 Serie A Goals Of Week 25

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Serie A Goals Of Week 25

Serie A
Picture provided by Juventus' official Facebook page

The overall level of the Italian Serie A has significantly decreased in the last years. It is not a surprise that the country has sadly lost its magnificent defensive tradition. For this reason, the defensive performances that fans witness week after week provide them with a sense of nostalgia and anger, given that they don't get legendary plays anymore.

As the defensive lines do not play at the level they used to in the past, the average amount of goals scored in the league has increased. On one hand, it certainly can provide a great sense of dissatisfaction, considering that it involves a country that has reached the most glorious pages in history relying on their defensive strength.

On the other hand, however, it cannot be denied that in the eyes of a fan, goals represent the best moment of a soccer match. Essentially, for those who might not want to be always analyzing tactics and formations, the level spectacle is only determined by the number of goals scored.

Serie A has closed Week 25 of the season with many beautiful performances and goals, which would have been scored even in Italy’s most competitive years.

Without any further ado, here are the top five goals of the Italian Serie A. Here they go!

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5. Emanuele Calaio Against Napoli

Picture provided by Emanuele Calaio's Official Twitter page

With this beautiful strike with his left foot, the 32-year-old was able to reopen the match against his former team in his former stadium. Nothing to do for Pepe Reina.

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4. Carlos Tevez Against Torino

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

With this brilliant shot, the Argentine forward finally became the league's top scorer, matching Giuseppe Rossi at the top with 14. The title appears to be inevitable.

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3. Floro Flores Against Lazio

Picture provided by Floro Flores' official Twitter page

Immortal as he is, the Sassuolo forward has once more proven why he is still playing in Italy's highest division at his age. With this perfect free kick, Flores was able to score his third goal of the season.

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2. Matias Fernandez Against Parma

Matias Fernandez official Facebook page

The Chilean international proved once more why he is among the best shooters of the league. For him, the hope is to find the right consistency week after week in order to see these kind of shots more often.

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1. Stefan Radu Against Sassuolo

Picture provided by Lazio's Official Twitter page

Stefan Radu's powerful shot is something all league fans will remember for the rest of the year, especially the fans of Sassuolo.

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