MLS Rumors: Ferran Soriano Wants Carles Puyol for NYCFC

By Jackee Arce
Carles Puyol NYCFC
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A Spanish website reported that Ferran Soriano, executive director of Manchester City, is willing to offer FC Barcelona captain Carles Puyol millions to play for NYCFC. The club does not join MLS until 2015, but Puyol has recently signed a contract extension with Barcelona until 2016. This will be a bump in the transfer — if it happens — but if it is willing to put up millions for the player, I’m sure extra fees won’t be a problem.

City and New York Yankees are the joint owners for NYC, which is why Soriano is scouting talent out in Europe. There have been rumors floating around for both NYC and David Beckham‘s Miami club, but there have been no definite signings or prospects for either club. The rumors that keep coming up seem to show that the club’s priorities are searching for Designated Players. DPs would not only bring good talent to the clubs, but also help in the marketing of the club.

I’m not convinced this would be a good move if the rumor is true. Puyol is a great player, which means he would have to be signed as a DP. He’s a 35-year-old center back who is known for having to deal with many injuries. Also, as NYC begins to sign its first DPs it should look for those who will bring attention to the new club. Also, defensive players are usually not the best use of DP money.

There is still time for NYCFC to decide on who it wants for its DPs. Hopefully it will make the right choices.

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