Trabzonspor's Europa League Loss to Juventus Absolutely Dreadful

By Aydin Reyhan
Trabzon Outmatched Against Juventus
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Losing 2-0 on the road is one thing because it is expected. However, even with that loss, Trabzonspor put on a show as they defended, possessed and created quite successfully against the Italian champions, Juventus.

Thursday at home, however, the showing they put on was a 10-out-of-10 when it comes to being pathetic.

Temporary head coach Hami Mandirali used to be one of the most influential Turkish international and Trabzonspor players back in his day. He would score, assist, run and play with so much passion that everyone would be right to assume that he would be at the worst a brave but slightly unsuccessful coach.

Boy, you couldn’t be any more wrong.

Remember, last week he lined up a team that was brilliant defensively and knew how to possess the ball nicely as Juventus had trouble at times when it came to taking the ball away from the Black Sea outfit. In addition, Trabzon managed to create some chances and even scored a goal that was not allowed due to the ball being crossed after rolling over the end line.

Regardless, they still lost, but they gave Turkish fans what would turn out to be false hope for Thursday’s home leg.

The Italians started out ever so strong with a slightly different starting 11. Andrea Pirlo watched on from the bench while his teammates managed to hound Onur Kivrak‘s goals with a pile of shots. Speaking of Kivrak, if it were not for him, this game could have ended 8-0 or even more.

Mandirali started Marc Janko and Adrian Mierzejewski up top in a flat 4-4-2 formation which ended up being one of the worst offensive decisions of the season. Emre Gural started last week and showed no fear. In addition, the midfield stalwart in Gustavo Colman did not start either. What the coach was thinking is absolutely beyond me.

When a team is down 0-2 from the first leg which was away from home, one would expect the losing side to go almost all out in the final third. Showing a team like Juventus respect is only going to bite them hard in the end. Case and point: the game ended up to be another 2-0 loss.

With this loss, Trabzon know that they need to hire a new coach and either keep Mandirali on the staff or get rid of him altogether. Him as a coach for a prestigious club like that is nothing short of a horrible idea.

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