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5 Managers Who Can Replace Manchester United’s David Moyes

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5 Men Who Could Replace David Moyes As Manchester United Coach

David Moyes Man United
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David Moyes' days at Manchester United are numbered; that seems to be the popular feeling these days. As his poor form as the boss of one of the world's most prestigious clubs continues to stumble and sink into recline, talk of the United board sacking him is in full swing. Someone may well have to replace him.

Of course, Moyes still has his job right now and official signs of his exit cease to exist thus far. But if the season doesn't have a positive twist in its ending, and the general feeling that players and fans are losing faith continues, we may see his contract terminated.

In any case, it's interesting to consider who could replace him if such a situation occurs, and if it doesn't, who could do a better job? Perhaps to rival fans, it is easy to forget that United are still a massive club. Therefore, they will only look for the best, or who they feel is the best. They won't be sacking Moyes for someone of a lesser quality. If Moyes is to go, the next man in must have a considerable CV.

This list is five long because it stays within the realms of reality. If you want to get into fantasy, you could include an option the bookmakers have at 500:1 odds -- referee Howard Webb.

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5. Jose Mourinho

Jose Mourinho
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Yes, as mad as it may sound right now, you can surely never rule out Jose Mourinho becoming Manchester United's manager. His time at Chelsea seems like it will be relatively long, but you can just never tell when he will fall out of love with the club, players or an owner. That said, perhaps United would feel it would look weak to appoint Mourinho as the replacement of the man they picked over him in the summer.

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4. Antonio Conte

Antonio Conte
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Perhaps not considered royalty in the circle of European managers, Antonio Conte has a vastly superior record to Moyes. With Juventus, the 44-year-old Italian has dominated in recent years.

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3. Fabio Capello

Fabio Capello Man United manager
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Fabio Capello in England is now seen as a failure. His hugely unimpressive 2010 World Cup with England explains that. But at club level, he has been simply a huge success with 13 major trophies.

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2. Louis van Gaal

Louis Van Gaal Man United manager
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Louis van Gaal is set to depart his position as Holland's National Team coach after the 2014 World Cup, leaving him wide open for a Premier League job. Tottenham have been widely rumored to be the most likely destination for the Dutch coach. There are few managers with such impressive trophy hauls than van Gaal. He'd be a confident and secure replacement, but perhaps not a long-term pick at 62.

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1. Jurgen Klopp

Jurgen Klopp Manchester United manager
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Jurgen Klopp already has more than enough silverware to his name compared to David Moyes to put himself in the running for a seat at Old Trafford, but it's not even the silverware that makes him the favourite. It's the fact he has an attacking, dynamic and exciting playing style that would simply fit United perfectly. A big personality would be required, and Klopp has that. His passion for bringing through younger players would also be a huge bonus.